Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tough Questions Part 1

As a father I want to give my children great things, listen to them, help them when they are down, make life easier for them, not crush them but love them with guidance. I have heard all my life that God is a father. More than a father a loving father. Is God a father to us? Is he loving? Does he listen? Act? Does he hurt when we hurt? Does he give good things or do we get good things in life by working hard by self-effort? I know countless faithful Christian men and women who pray faithfully, attend every time the door is open, minister, servce those in need, sacrificing in so many different ways than that of the world and yet suffer all kinds of difficulties and hardships. It seems often harder being a child of God than not. Have you ever felt that way? During times of pain and trouble I hear Christians say, "We can look forward to heaven." Or, "We have something to look forward to..." Or, "God won't give you what you can't handle." "Or just pray and stay faithful." I am sure some of you have heard those quotes. I know those didn't give comfort or peace to my friend who lost a baby, or minister friend who's child was suffering from cancer. Well, my question is Why can't God reward the faithful here on earth and in heaven? What about now? Wouldn't a loving God give good things now? Allow fewer "storms". Wouldn't a loving God want good things for his children? Would a loving God act now in making life better for those who made the right choice in following him? Yes we have heaven which is eternal but shouldn't there be some benefit in following God now? Or is there? I heard a great sermon this morning on Jesus calming the storm and how storms make us closer to God. But, isn't that like saying as a father I am going to make life miserable to my kids so they will rely on me and love me? Does that make sense? Does God ever give us more than we can handle? Is God active in this world, pain, suffering or does he let the chips fall where they may? I know that some reading this are maybe uncomfortable with these questions or may be asking yourself where is my faith in asking these questions or maybe you are asking yourselves these same questions now or will in the future. These are tough questions. What do you think? Share your thoughts.