Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Differing Ideologies

I have found that many believers think it is okay to tell other Christians what to read, not read, and how to think. Why? Why do some believers try to force their ideologies on others? Some Christians even like to label other Christians as heretics, etc. Why?Not believing the exact same way they do? What makes some believers think all Christians in order to be Christians must think and agree on every issue that they do? Can we as believers have differing beliefs? Isn't faith personal? Did Jesus force people to think they way he did on everything? Did Jesus leave room for interpretation? In the Apostles letters do we see differing opinions and ideologies? Can we have differing beliefs and still have unity?

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Thoughts on Faith Part 6!

How do our actions affect our faith? Do they work together? How? What is the benefit of faith and actions working together? Are we saved by faith or works? Do people confuse faith and works? Why? If believers actions don't back up their faith, what does that say about their faith?
What message does it send to non-believers when Christians actions don't match their faith?

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