Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why Should Someone Be A Christian?

In your on way, how would you convince someone to be a Christian? What reasons should someone believe and follow God? Is life on earth really better for those who follow God? Is there any benefit for protection or blessings in this life that non-believers don't have? Any less pain? Suffering? Does God take care of His people? If I can live a life of happiness on this life without God or if I am going to have the same problems as non-believers on earth, then why follow God and Christ? If God is so loving and caring then why does he allow the innocent to suffer? Can we know for sure their is an after-life? Would a loving and merciful God send someone to hell? Why? Why would God be jealous isn't that a shallow human emotion? Why would God want people to fear Him or fear going to hell? Is fear a good thing? There are a lot of things in the Bible that don't make sense or seem to contradict itself, can we know for sure that the bible is truth? Why be a Christian if it seems that non-believers are just as moral? Why should someone be a Christian?

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Missionaries Needing Support

Raja Rao is a missionary from India. He is needing to find support for 3 co-preachers that help his team. You can support an entire minister for $50 a month or all 3 ministers for $150 a month. If you or your church is interested or if you would like to contribute to this team of missionaries the information is posted here in the comment section. Leave an encouraging note as well for these servants of God.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Disfellowship Of One Church Against Another

I have been without the Internet for a while. Now have faster wireless Internet. Thank you for your patience.

I am troubled by what I have seen lately among some churches and that is churches dis-fellowshiping believe it or not other churches for things that they disagree about or don't see as Biblical (which usually isn't anything having to do with salvation at all). The questions I have:
Does the Bible give authority for a church to dis-fellowship another church? Where is that authority in the Bible? Is there example of the Corinthian church dis-fellowshiping the Roman church? Why do some Churches think they have the right to do so? Does this go against Christian unity? Do we believe in church being autonomous from each other? Have you seen this and do you have any problems with churches acting in this kind of behavior towards another? What can be done to solve this problem that is occuring between some churches? How can Christians make a difference on this unbiblical practice?

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