Friday, June 30, 2006

Germany Advances To Simi-Finals!!!!

What a game! What a game! Did any of you catch the game between Argentina and Germany? What did you think? Shoot out. Germany played awesome. Great match. Two power houses going at it and ending in a shootout. Maybe German will take the cup. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


The time of year that ACU will have their lectureship has been changed.
The 89th Abilene Christian University Lectureship is scheduled for Sept. 17-20 and the theme is "The Truth Shall Make You Free."
You can get more information on the ACU Lectureship at
I noticed that one of the speakers is going to be John Siburt. You can check out his blog at

As a boy I have fond memories of the lectureship. I thought it was so cool going inside the big tent (they should bring the tent back), all the churches in Abilene would cancel services to go to evening lecture that night and the singing was wonderful especially the church of Christ national anthem: "There Is A God, He His Alive." The preaching was loud, upbeat and inspiring. Of course as a kid I never went to any classes just evening worship at Moody. I just remember it always rained during lectureship. I guess they finally decided to change it because of the weather maybe.

What do you think of the ACU lectureships?
Do you think they should bring back the big tent?
Do you have any fond memories of the lectureships?
How has it changed over the years?
Do you think the issues dicussed are relevant?
What would you like to see discussed or taught at the lectureships?
Do they make too many appologies for things done in the past (racial issues, splits, etc)?
Do you think they should have the tent again?
Is there anyone you know or yourself that has gone to the lectureship for 89 years?
Just wondering.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Traditionalism in the Church

One of my favorite musicals is the Fiddler On The Roof. I love the song that is sung throughtout the movie, "traditon". The father is questioning the traditions of his religion, family, faith, and community. Is tradition a bad thing? No. Can it be? Yes. Is tradition in worship a bad thing? No. Can it be? Yes. When tradition becomes the absolute or is as if its ordaned by God it is a bad thing. When tradition becomes law and strips away the heart that God desires of his people, it is a bad thing.
I personally find it interesting that you can walk into a "conservative" (I hate those terms or labels) church of Christ and know what the worship format is going to be. It will consist of usually: 2 songs, prayer, 1 song, communion, 1 song, sermon, invitation song, announcements, closing song, closing prayer. Anything wrong with that format? No. But when it becomes the absolute then it is wrong. For example when you sing 3 songs and a prayer and the song leader gets jumped on because of the change. That is wrong. That is when traditionalism over rules what God desires.
I have also find it interesting that "progressive" churches of Christ who have tried to break away from traditionalism within the church but in their own way have created a traditional format of expectations of worship. You can walk into any "progressive" church of Christ and the worship format is going to be a Welcome, congregational reading of scripture, 4 praise songs (all members standing) prayer, 2 songs, communion talk, communion, songs during communion, shorter sermon, invitation song, announcments, closing song, shephards prayer. Is their anyting wrong with that format? No. But when tradition becomes the focus then it is wrong.
As Christians we need to remember it is God that we are worshiping. God is the focus. God is the reason. Traditionalism can make us loose our focus. Traditionalism can make us loose the heart of the worship. Worship becomes empty. Even in "progressive" churches.
How has the devil used traditionalism to divide the chruch?
Why have we let tradition divide the church?
What can we do to have healthy view of worship?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is the church of Christ redifining itself?

I read post this morning that got me thinking and asking some questions. The post is found on The questions concern the church of Christ: Is the church of Christ redefining itself? What is the church of Christ known for today? Are we the only one who have the right answers? Are we judgemental to others who don't have the same oppinions or views that we have? Are we know for the conflicts we have within our fellowship? What should we be known for? Are we relative to the world to day if so, how and if not, why not? What should be done to make us relative? Can we be relative without compromising doctrine? Are we so focused on being the church of the 1st century that we are not being the church of the 21st century?
What do you think?
Just questions to consider.


I woke up this morning and read that Germany's captian won't be playing tomorrow in the game against Costa Rica. Will this effect Germany's play? Will they be more determained to win? For all the latest news, schedules, gametimes, and more you can log on to
Can't wait til tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


This Friday, June 9th, the action starts! FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER will be on ESPN 2 in English or Sentanta Sports in German. The first game is going to be Costa Rica vs. Germany at 10:30 cnt. on either channels. Eucador vs. Poland will follow that game. Sentanta Sports channel 615 on directv is going to broadcast all 64 games in german commercial free. Sentanta is already showing international friendlies this week leading up the the FIFA WORLD CUP. I can't wait. Thank goodness we have two televisions so my wife doesn't have to watch soccer 24/7 for the next month. As for the boys maybe they will enjoy it and develop a love for the game. Who do you think will win? Any predictions? I'm not saying yet. England? Brazil? Argentina? Italy? America? (Don't think they can hang with other countries, their style of play is to slow of play). Watching EPL and MLS is so different. EPL much better, faster, skilled, play than MLS. Which do you think could win: Manchester United or FC Dallas? Arsenal or DC United? Liverpool or Houson? Chealse or San Jose? Anyway, I can't wait for the world cup.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

6-6-06 A Day Like Any Other

Today as you know is 6-6-06 which is the number of the beast in Revelation. According to the church of Satan. Yeah, can you believe their is a church of Satan. I wonder if they believe they are the only ones going to hell. According to their website chick on the picture to enter then click on news. They believe that today is just like anyother day. Of course they are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their church on this date. Interesting. Is it a day for satan? Will satan be at work any harder than he does any other day? Will there be more sin taking place to day than any other day? Maybe. I believe Christians should view today like any other day. Go out, live your life like you would any other day for Jesus Christ. I hope you have a great day today.

Monday, June 05, 2006

What's Tomorrow's Date? 6-6-06

What is tomorrows date? 6-6-06. 666. Only comes once ever 100 years. Some people are doing everything to avoid on that date. A news report said that expecting mothers are trying to delay deliveries for that. Not wanting their children to have that date of birth. Why? Are people being to superstitous? What do you think?

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Family Ministry

Went to a wedding in Abilene this weekend. Cousin got married. I wish them both a happy and blessed marriage. Chloe and Andrew, God bless you both. My son was the ring bearer. Someone asked him if he was getting married today and he replied, " No! I'm just a five year old kid." Don't you love the cute things children say. Marriage created by the creator Himself. Man and Woman. Why do people want to change what God has created? Why do people not understand that marriage is a life-time commitment? Why is it entered into lightly by so many? I believe marriage councelling should be done by ministers and councelors in the church. I believe the church should offer more marriage enrichment classes, parenting classes, and fincianial seminars for family. I believe the family should be ministered to and taken care of and strengthened by the church. Let us pray for those getting married, starting families, ministers, family ministers, christian councelors, youth ministers, church leaders that God will bless them in their work and lives.