Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tough Questions Part 1

As a father I want to give my children great things, listen to them, help them when they are down, make life easier for them, not crush them but love them with guidance. I have heard all my life that God is a father. More than a father a loving father. Is God a father to us? Is he loving? Does he listen? Act? Does he hurt when we hurt? Does he give good things or do we get good things in life by working hard by self-effort? I know countless faithful Christian men and women who pray faithfully, attend every time the door is open, minister, servce those in need, sacrificing in so many different ways than that of the world and yet suffer all kinds of difficulties and hardships. It seems often harder being a child of God than not. Have you ever felt that way? During times of pain and trouble I hear Christians say, "We can look forward to heaven." Or, "We have something to look forward to..." Or, "God won't give you what you can't handle." "Or just pray and stay faithful." I am sure some of you have heard those quotes. I know those didn't give comfort or peace to my friend who lost a baby, or minister friend who's child was suffering from cancer. Well, my question is Why can't God reward the faithful here on earth and in heaven? What about now? Wouldn't a loving God give good things now? Allow fewer "storms". Wouldn't a loving God want good things for his children? Would a loving God act now in making life better for those who made the right choice in following him? Yes we have heaven which is eternal but shouldn't there be some benefit in following God now? Or is there? I heard a great sermon this morning on Jesus calming the storm and how storms make us closer to God. But, isn't that like saying as a father I am going to make life miserable to my kids so they will rely on me and love me? Does that make sense? Does God ever give us more than we can handle? Is God active in this world, pain, suffering or does he let the chips fall where they may? I know that some reading this are maybe uncomfortable with these questions or may be asking yourself where is my faith in asking these questions or maybe you are asking yourselves these same questions now or will in the future. These are tough questions. What do you think? Share your thoughts.


Anonymous Wendy said...

Kinney, you ask really tough questions. FWIW my belief is that God does not want us happy but holy. An easy life does not offer us the opportunities for spiritual growth. To become more like jesus, we need some kind of suffering. We need refining in the fire.

My daughter has had a very tough few years. As a mum, I ache and hurt for her and petition God daily. But I do rejoice that the experiences she has had have given her maturity, especially spiritual maturity, and have made her a better person and one who can give far more to the work of the Kingdom. I couldn't prevent her hurt and pain. Can God prevent ours? Yes, of course, but many times that would be overriding our free will and other times it would be preventing us from having the opportunity to grow.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Very good preacherman, I'm sure that most Christians have considered all those questions.
Rightly you have been told that God is a loving Father.
The age old question is; WHICH--GOD is a loving father?
Is the GOD of the Muslims (Allah) a loving father?
Is the GOD of the Hare Krishna (Krishna) a loving father?
Is the GOD of the Buddhists (Buddha) a loving father?
Is the GOD of the Jehovah Witness (Jehovah) a loving father?
Is the GOD of the Christians (???) a loving father?

It doesn't look like that any of the above GODS are good fathers at all, since all of their children suffer the most horrible ways of cancers, mutilations and destructions of the worst kind known to men.
Worst of all are the Christians who say that God sent His Son to die and suffer the curse and the consequences of our transgressions on the tree, and by His stripes we are healed.
Healed? What Healed?
The mental asylums and Hospitals are full of suffering and dying people who claim to be Christians.

So then the question remains; WHICH GOD is a loving Father and what is His NAME?

2:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like you - I too wonder sometimes why life is SO hard when God is supposed to be on our side. The only thing I feel in my heart is that the hard crap in life comes from the original rotten choice that Adam made when he sinned and basically contaminated the human gene pool. Our salvation in Christ gives us access to hope and obedience and commitment to a life in Him gives us more tools and rewards to be able to bear up under life's burdens. I am bipolar and as such I experience a lot of emotional ups and downs - but to me the option of not believing is worse. I need that hope that the end of my life will be better than the journey I struggle with. Perhaps that is a crutch to some people - but what is so wrong with something that helps you to cope? The option is very depressing. My denomination believes in the Holy Spirit of God speaking through Christians who live for him totally and I have had times when people have spoken to me about things that they had no way of knowing the things that were happening in my life. That gives me hope that God watches and cares and some of the messages said just that. I hope that you find the answers you need. God never discourages a questing heart, only a disobedient one.

5:09 AM  
Blogger Kansas Bob said...

"Why can't God reward the faithful here on earth and in heaven? "

Good luck getting a nonreligious answer to that Kinney. :)

For some reason God allows suffering. He did not intervene in the sufferings of Christ. Perhaps the answer to your question is found in God's response to the suffering of His Son?

6:55 PM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Suffering, sickness, disease and destruction, all that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ (Ex.4:11 and Deut.32:39), and remember that nothing came into being apart from Him; He causes all things to happen according to His will.
And to us He made it clear, that He suffered on the cross for our sins and transgressions and the punishment which was due to us fell upon Him and by His stripes (lashings) we are healed and sheltered from all sickness, diseases and calamities.
That belongs to all those who only believe in Jesus Christ alone, and not in some other identities.

Response to your comment;
You and most Christians don't believe in Jesus Christ alone, you think that God is hiding behind a bush, watching Jesus dying on the cross and not even lifting a finger to help Him.
What kind of a god is that?
Perhaps he is the god of luck or whatever you call him, certainly he could not help Jesus and neither can he deliver you from sickness and suffering.

Tell me Bob; to which god do you call out for help when you are in need, to the god behind the bush? Or the God who was hanging on the cross?

Yes! The God on the cross is the true God and eternal life (1 John 5:20).
And the god behind the bush is a false god, representing suffering, sickness, disease, calamities and eternal destruction.
If you don't like suffering, then choose wisely.
If you like suffering, then keep on going the way you go and you won't be disappointed.
No offence Bob!
I love you brother!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Kansas Bob said...

"If you don't like suffering, then choose wisely."

Perhaps Jesus should have followed your advice Paul? Peter offered similar advice to him and Jesus rebuked him saying get behind me Satan. Sometimes suffering is involved when we deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Christ.

But I will choose wisely and not suffer by arguing with you about the trinity. I think that we have had that discussion before.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Peter never offered advice to Jesus but called Him 'LORD', and nobody can give the Lord our God advice.

And by denying yourself and pick up the cross and follow Jesus you surely don't get cancer, leukemia, bipolar, goiters and a host of other sicknesses of the worst kind.

I don't think that you have chosen wisely;
Jesus Christ is the cornerstone and the foundation for everyone who wants to get healed.
ALL who came to Jesus were healed and not one went away sick, but not ALL whom Jesus came to were healed since they did not believe in Him and took offence.

Anyone who goes to another Jesus, other than the one which I preach (2Cor.11:4) will not get healed, since they have gone to another Jesus, a Jesus who is not really the Lord God the Almighty, but only the little god next to the big God.

And this is the problem we have today!

Most Churches have played the harlot and have fallen away from the Lord Jesus Christ our God to another god and believe and worship him.
No wonder why the hospitals are filled with suffering people called Christians.

Again I don't want you to take offence, but rather take it as a word from the Lord.

6:28 AM  
Blogger Kansas Bob said...

"I don't think that you have chosen wisely"

You speak foolishly my friend. Better that you keep silent on matters of which you are uninformed.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

If I speak foolishly on matters which I am uniformed, then please correct me so that I can learn something and repent of my ignorant ways and adjust to the word of the Lord of which I am so eagerly to do.
I think that not only I but all of us who suffer debilitating sicknesses would want to hear a word of hope and a way out so that we could be released from those cursed sicknesses and diseases.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Kansas Bob said...

You speak about me and my choices like you know me Paul. We have never met. For you to call my choices unwise is simply uninformed and foolish.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

A comment and an analogy for everyone who likes to be healed of whatever sickness even the worse kind imaginable.

Imagine; YOU alone would be the LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY the creator of heaven and earth and beside YOU there would be no other person, identity or spirit who is also God. (Isa. 43:10 and 44:6)
YOU have created everyone in your own image, and because YOU are a jealous God (Exod. 34:14), YOU would want all your creatures to acknowledge that YOU have created all things and nothing came into being apart from YOU (John1:3) and that everyone would give YOU alone all the credit, honour, glory and praise, which amounts to worship.

However they refused to give YOU the credit and praise alone but made up gods of their own making, even angelic hosts and worshiped them.
YOU were sorry that YOU have made them (Gen. 6:5+6) and because the inclination of their hearts was continuously evil YOU destroyed them all except eight to replenish the earth again.
But even then they still would not repent of their idolater's ways and give YOU all the glory and praise. So then, YOU destroyed them utterly with sickness and disease in hope that they would turn back to YOU and be healed. Still, stubborn and stiff-necked they did not repent. Then YOU sent them the prophets to speak in YOUR NAME and still they would not listen and murdered them, eventually YOU came into your own creation to be just like one of them, and showed them that everyone who would come to YOU would be healed. And ALL who came to YOU were totally healed and nothing was impossible for YOU; YOU even raised their dead to show them YOU are the LORD GOD the ALMIGHTY.
(#1.) Some that came to YOU repented of their wicked ways and worshiped YOU alone.
(#2.) Some that came to YOU believed in YOU but did not repent of their other god or gods and invented weird doctrines to justify their wickedness.
(#3.) Some would not believe, gnashing their teeth at YOU and try to find ways to murder YOU.

However, YOU seemingly left the world but YOU came and made YOUR residence (dwelling place) in (#1.) those who worship YOU.
Since (#2.) and (#3.) have seen all YOUR mighty deeds, and even then they will not repent and believe, so YOU continually will strike those rotten wretches with sickness and diseases, earthquakes, famine, disaster, war and destructions.

Of course we all know that YOU are NOT the Lord God the Almighty but mere men.
The Lord God the Almighty is the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He alone is LORD, and every knee ought to bow and every tongue confess, preach, teach and proclaim that the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord alone. He does not share His Lordship with any other person, identity or spirit.
Anyone who promotes any other doctrine concerning God including all Trinitarians stands under the condemnation of idolatry (believing in other gods).

But the Lord is abounding with loving kindness and He will not turn away anyone who comes to Him but forgives all your transgression against Him, and He will HEAL ALL your wounds, sicknesses and diseases and receives you into His eternal Kingdom.
Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit says to the Churches (Rev.3:22).

11:32 PM  
Blogger Neva said...

I may be very simplistic but when I think about God and suffering, I think about parenting my own children. I took them to the doctor for vaccinations not because I wanted to see them get hurt but because it would help them in the future---when one needed stitches or surgery I took them in for that,held their hand while they cried and offered them comfort as they were healing---just as God my Father does me---
Maybe we would shudder and be more grateful if we realized exactly how much He does protect and shelter us.
just my thoughts

peace and prayers

11:45 PM  
Anonymous Trumpet of Grace said...

Hi Paul

You have asked real questions all of which actually do have answers. God is love and He is Father. If you as an earthly father would not make your child sick why on earth would a God who is infinitely greater and more loving than you, make you sick?

Suffering and sickness are not synonmous ... but I don't have time to and this is not the place to debate ... it sounds to me like you need to be healed!

Check out Bertie Brits, Dynamic Love Ministries; Andrew Wommack - God's Kinda love, the cure for what ails ya'; John Sheasby - Liberated Living Ministries; Rob Rufus - City Church International. Bertie has just been preaching on communion and God's chastisement ... It will change your life.

God Bless, Arise and walk, take your bed with you!

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Trumpet of Grace said...

Sorry Paul ... above post is for preacherman

10:02 PM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Trumpet of Grace;
I know that your comment was not addressed to me, but please grant me a response.
Who do you think that causes all sicknesses and diseases?

Or better, who created, designed and sought out every form of sicknesses?

Do you think because God is love that He does not hate the wicked?

And by the way, which God are you talking about?

More precisely; please tell me the Name of the God who is love and a Father?

Trumpet of Grace, I have been around a long time to know that none of those Dynamic Ministries you have said will change your life, or in fact anybodies life, and not to mention healing all your sickness and diseases.
But surely I can tell you that ALL who came to Jesus Christ our Lord were healed and their lives were never the same again.

8:55 AM  
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