Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heroes Of Faith

Each one of us have those people in life who have made a difference and helped shaped our faith. Preachers, Youth Ministers, Bible Class Teachers, Relatives, ETC. Who helped mold and shape who we are today.
I think about Preacher Pat as we called him growing up. I think of a Bible class teacher Wynona Harper who was there on time waiting to give you a word of encouragement as you entered her class room. Youth Minister Scott Jarvis who gave his time and encouraged our faith through creative activities and service projects. Professors Stacy Patty, Ken Crukrowski, and others who challenged your mind and theology on countless issues. Mom and dad who made you go to church every Sunday, wed., gospel meetings, etc. Showed you how to pray. Granny who lived the Christian life to everyone she met.
So who is your hero of faith? Who has helped shaped your spiritual life? Preacher? Youth Minister? Bible Class Teacher? Professor? Relative?
Who is your hero of faith and why?
Share your thoughts.


Blogger Laymond said...

My Mom and my grandpa, why because they were the first, I still am led by their words, even though they both are long gone ahead. I have studied the bible for many years and have found no misrepresentation comming from either. I plan on giving my personal thanks to both again one day.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Laura Scott said...

I’ve never really considered someone to be my hero…I’ve been disappointed in people too many times (and I know I am just as guilty of disappointing others) to hold someone up on a pedestal (not to say I don’t appreciate some of the great things people do throughout their lifetime). So, I looked up the definition of hero…this one was my favorite…2. A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life: soldiers and nurses who were heroes in an unpopular war. Based on the definition, Jesus is my only hero. He is my soldier who fought the war and sacrificed himself for me and all my imperfections, so I can have victory in Heaven one day with him. Now to know my Hero I have to read the Bible obviously, but he also placed/places many people in my life to help teach me and tell me about Him. Many good people in my past had a great influence on my spiritual walk with my Hero…Pappy, parents, friends, youth ministers, Sunday school teachers, my in-laws (yes I did say in-laws!). However I have also grown to know my Hero better through the mess-ups and imperfections that these same people and others and myself have. Jesus has helped me shape my faith based on God's word and providing me with learning experiences from ordinary everyday people. I am very thankful to all these people for the commitment they have made to My Hero and for sharing his love with me. I would hope that I could be a spiritual warrior in this battle against satan for others, just as all these people were for me. Hopefully others can see my relationship with Christ, (whether it be in times of struggling through my imperfections with Him, or just in times of love contentment and the blessings he gives)and learn from me the way I learned from countless others.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Velcro said...

Great post. I'll answer your questions when I have more time.

How about another question that may be just as important if not more... "Whose Hero of Faith are you?"

Maybe we'd be encouraged to live our lives better, if we knew others were looking up to us as Heroes of Faith.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think about he countless Christians in my life who have sacrificed time, money, and self to help me become the person I am today.


11:21 AM  
Anonymous brian said...

two preachers who I respect and who influenced me a lot

Mike Tanaro--Sunset guy, my preacher when I was a teen, I paid attention when he preached, he wasn't flashy, but he wasn't boring. great preacher

paolo mirabelli--self-taught preacher in italy, knows his Bible as well as anyone, can preach all the agricultural texts vividly since he grew up in rural southern italy

12:46 AM  
Anonymous James said...

I think about the professors that I had in college. Dr. Allen, Dr. Osborn and others.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Prophet,
Great question that we need to ask of ourselves.

8:31 AM  
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