Thursday, March 04, 2010

Salvation From What???

What is the point of Salvation? Is it to save an individual from hell? Or is there more to Salvation? Is Salvation a one-time experience or a lifelong journey? Is it about rescue from your uncomfortable circumstances, or rescue from this world after death? Or is about being rescued from a life that is rescued from a life that is disconnected from God and God's adventure, both in this life and the next? What are we saved from and for? To what degree is salvation from fear of death important important to you? How can we as believers live what we believe about salvation?

What do you think?
Share your thoughts.


Blogger Ghadeer said...

I think salvation is saving our souls from disconnection from God ie. living our purpose of creation/reason of existence, which is living for God. It's a life-long journey because we all go through different stages of strength of faith.

I'm not sure what you mean by 'salvation from fear of death'. Do you think the truly faithful should not be afraid of death?

3:13 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts on this subject. I greatly appreciate it! As a believer I don't think that the truly faithful should not be afraid of death although I know many even faithful do.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salvation is a concept that is intrinsic in the Christian faith. Why is it necessary at all? Because we are taught the we NEED salvation from ourselves. We are born flawed and yet commanded to obey.

Why are we born flawed? what is our nature "sinful"?

We are born flawed because of Original Sin. What was original sin exactly? Disobedience. that is all. Adam & Even disobeyed god and all of humanity suffers for it.

we are punished for the sins of only 2. we have no choice of being born into this world, and yet we are deemed unworthy because of Adam & Eve. A better question would be, why are our souls born into this world of sin at all? why aren't we given a chance in heaven first, like Adam & Eve were?

Second, why is our nature considered sinful? who defines an act as sinful? The bible does. so even though we may have been created this way, certain characteristics about us are considered sinful by the bible. Men produce 80 million sperm per day. They have no control over this. they were created this way. this creates very strong needs in men. nature would explain this as an efficient procreation method. for men are capable of impregnating several different women. and the bible is unclear about this. Many of the Biblical patriarchs had multiple wives. this allowed men to impregnate multiple women naturally. but now men cannot have multiple wives, premarital sex is a sin and adultery has always been a sin. so this leaves men confused.

If God allowed Satan to enter the garden of Eden he knew that Satan would tempt Adam & Eve. So their temptation was a test of their obedience.

But why would an all knowing god need a test at all? wouldn't he already KNOW the outcome?

Christianities concept of salvation is flawed.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Royce Ogle said...

We need to be saved to avoid the wrath of God against sin.

God saves the whole person. We are saved but not fully saved until we stand in glorified bodies in Christ's presence.

When we put our trust in Christ we are "justified", saved from the "penalty" of sin.

We are then being "sanctified" as God works in us to will and to do His good pleasure. We are being saved from the "power" of sin.

Finally, we will be raised imortal and "glorified", saved from the very "presence" of sin to live with Christ forever.

Salvation is "justification", "sanctification", and "glorification". All of this is a free gift based on the perfect obedience of Jesus and not our own.


12:18 PM  
Blogger Russ McCullough said...

Sticking to revelation and rejecting speculation... Colossians 3:5-7... salvation from the wrath of God.

12:47 AM  
Blogger Mark (under construction) said...

Ghadeer - what a great comment, - "I think salvation is saving our souls from disconnection from God" - consider it plagerised.

2:49 AM  
Blogger Ghadeer said...

The way I see it, Christians have a different view on salvation? As a Muslim, I believe that we were all born pure and free of sin. Our salvation depends on whether we maintain this and continue living for God or not

6:09 AM  
Blogger Russ McCullough said...

While is certainally true that we were born sinless ("...unless you turn and become like chilldren, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." - Matthew 18:3) it is also true that all sin separates us from God ("...your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God..." - Isaiah 59:2)for we (at a moment in time when we dicerned right from wrong) have "...all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23). This is why Jesus says in Luke 13:3 that "...unless you repent you will all likewise perish." Repentance and water baptism for the remission of sins is required of all who would be reconciled to God. (Acts 2:37-38)

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still haven't heard an explanation for why a sin is actually a sin? Except that it says so in the bible.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Jason Petty said...

Sin is a sin because it is the opposite of God's nature. Why is THAT sin then? God created the world and allowed free will. Be mad about that if you want, but disagreeing doesn't make it less true. His choice in creation was to pour out his love and glory. In my opinion (not from Scripture), I think He made the world because His glory and amazing light couldn't be contained; it had to be poured out. So the opposite of his glory tries to snuff out that light and life, which is not what God intended. That is sin.

If anyone pretends to know why God allowed Satan to do the things he has done in this world, then he is a liar. No one can fully comprehend the mind of God. But it is a far more dangerous thing to question God on his decision to allow the temptation, his decision to allow your life (or mine) to exist at all. We are here for HIS glory, and that's a hard thing to swallow for those with authority issues and those who have been jaded by the past (and present). I don't pretend to understand the design of God, but I choose to fear God and keep his commandments (Deut 5:29, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14) because He will enact justice in the end. We can't escape that, no matter how clever an arguement we have.

That's the hard truth. But if you look at the choice we have on this earth as a way to reflect God's nature and accept his will for our lives (as Christ did), he will be pleased with us and bless us (sometimes temporally, but definitely eternally). I choose to follow God and keep his commandments because his way is always better in the end. Living at peace with everyone is easier when we look at things with a biblical worldview. Much like Solomon, I have tasted much of what the world has to offer, and I have come to the conclusion that God's way is best. I'm not perfect in that, but by accepting his Messiah as my Lord, I have the assurance of salvation, by grace through faith.

8:38 AM  
Anonymous Jason Petty said...

To maybe answer your question another way, I can understand why you may question the Bible as the authority on what is sin. I don't agree with you, but I can understand the thought process. But to ask a Christian (or a Jew, and in some parts, a Muslim) to express their faith or explanation of sin and God's nature without the Bible is like asking a river to flow uphill or someone to look at something without opening their eyes. It is who we are; without it we can do nothing. I have faith the Bible is truth.

But for a more "measured" look at sin, I would ask that you read "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis. He does a wonderful job of using logic and reason to make a case for God. If you are truly looking for answers, that might be a good start for you.

Have a great day!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

I deserved to go to hell. I deserved the wrath of God. I was lost, but did not care. I did not care about God. Selfishness tainted everything in my life. Even when I did something good, I was thinking about myself.

But Christ saved me, because God loved me. He faced the wrath of God in my place. In saving me, he also changed me (and continues to change me). He teaches me to think less of myself and more of God. He is in the process of rearranging the way I think so that I see my mission as one in which I aim to honor God in every way possible. I try to see God for who he is. I try to see his love, justice, mercy, wrath, kindness, power, knowledge, and other characteristics as accurately as I can; and then, I try to help others to see them, too. He deserves to be known for who he is...and he wants me to be in on knowing him and making him known.

9:57 PM  
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