Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Crucifixion Legalized and Practiced In Darfur

God has laid on my heart the Christians that are being persecuted around the world. I watched a program the other day on the History channel on crucifixion. It showed the history and practice of crucifixion. The program showed that crucifixtion is now been legalized and being practiced in the Sudan. Religious genocide is going on right now. While thousands of Christian's in Darfur have been killed where is the outrage? Where is the condemnation of the leaders? We took action when the Jewish genocide was going on in Germany (although not until after millions had been murdered). Will we remain silent in acting in Darfur? I believe that as Christians we need to be concerned about human rights around the world. It is amazing the reports of human rights violations that are happening to Christians around the world.

The following are websites that I recommend in dealing with Human Rights:

The Voice of the Martyrs

The Voice of the Persecuted Church

Christian Monitor

Suffering and Persecution of Christians and the Persecuted church

Genocide in Sudan

Christian Persecution Around the World

Amnesty International

Amnesty International USA

Human Rights Watch

Save Darfur

United Human Rights Council

Human Rights Web

Help Sudan

Other Site about Sudan

How do you feel about this issue? How does it make you feel that Christians are being crucified in 2008? Should Christians be concerned? Why or why not? Should Christians get involved in helping our brothers and sisters around the world? How? Why has Darfur been ignored? Is it because it is Christians being persecuted? What will happen if the world remains silent to the genocide that is taking place? What will happen if American Christians ignore it? Is it important that Christians be concerned about human rights? Why or why not? How have you seen persecution? Do we as American Christians know what persecution is really like?

What do you think?
Share your thoughts.


Blogger jeleasure said...

I am concerned. I have to ask. I have never done anything like this before, but, where should I begin in asking that our Government, 'The world police' get involved?

8:53 PM  
Blogger Ted M. Gossard said...

Thanks, Kinney.

I love the work and what I know of "The Voice of the Martyrs". The church needs to be at the vanguard of awakening the world exactly like you are here, Kinney. But especially we should be praying and giving to help our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted, to help them bear witness to our Lord in their plight.

Thanks for the excellent reminder!

9:04 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Writting your Senator, Congressman, the President, using these references. Getting involved with some of the websites. Contact the U.N. in how you can get involved.

9:27 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Again, many of these websites give you ways in which you can get involved and donate to help. I appreciate your willingness to make a difference. I agree with you Ted that we should be praying and doing what we can for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted.

9:31 PM  
Blogger Scott Packett said...

I am so glad to see another pastor concerned about this area of the world. It is inexcusable that we refuse to pay attention to the unfortunate things that are happening all around the world, especially in the Sudan. These groups have been killing innocent people for several years now, they have been recruiting children to be their front-line soldiers, and now they are killing Christians.

It is sad that we only recognize this tragedy only when our own are getting killed. Don't get me wrong, it infuriates me that this is happening, but it also infuriates me that we haven't addressed all the other injustices happening to the people of the Sudan.

Something needs to happen, for the Christians, but also for those who are being murdered just for existing. The Bible promises that we (Christians) will suffer persecution just as Jesus suffered, but it also instructs us to take care of the orphans and widows.

Sorry for the soapbox, but this is something that resonates deep in my soul, and I am just glad that you brought this up.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Arlene Kasselman said...

I love that you posted this blog entry. Greg Kendall-Ball from ACU is a wonderful photographer and he traveled with Invisible Children last year and photographed children. His pictures are heart wrenching and pure.

Check out Shane Claiborne's stuff too.

10:53 PM  
Blogger Royce Ogle said...

Thanks for the reminder Kenny

Sadly, they are too far away, wrong color, and their loss is no loss to our country. Harsh but true. There is a famine right now in Etheopia and on the whole, Christians are turning a deaf ear to the crys of the starving.

I will not mention any specifics, but some church of Christ people are withholding food or money unless the receipents agree to preach their legalism exactly as they demand. They are not saved by any Bible standard.

Prayer is our most obvious tool but all the things suggested are very helpful.

His peace,

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Thank you for shedding light on this horrific topic. I think the ideas you bring out are wonderful. I think we as Christians need to be concerned with human rights and do what we can to help.


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This really upsets me. I had no idea that this was going on. I am thankful that you are letting us know about this and trying to get us to get involved. I agree with Royce on that it is the wrong country for our American interests.

11:24 AM  
Blogger phil said...

I am saddened by two things: one, this inhumane behavior happens. And two, because I realize this stuff happens around the world, but have not done anything about it. I just blogged about how our worldly kingdom can easily distort our vision of what the kingdom of God is suppose to look like than I read this and have to confess.
This, to me is another example where it can be so easy for us as Christians to say “well that stuff is always going to be around” or “at least it’s not happening where I live” than we never do anything about it. Instead, Jesus says do something about it, because living as a citizen in the kingdom of God; it is your obligation to. Thanks for sharing this post, and the links to how we can help.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

Great post, Kinney! Thanks for sharing the info.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Stan said...

Thank you for informing us with what is going on with other Christians across the world. I have donated to several human rights organizations for the first time because of this post. Thank you for sharing with us ways in which we can get invovled. It is great to know that Christians can do something else besides pray.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Liz Moore said...

As American Christians we are not persecuted. We are allowed to go to church whenever we choose to, we sit in nice comfortable buildings, and sometimes we forget that there are others in the world suffering for the very things we take for granted every day. Thanks for the insight and the reminder on such a sensitive topic.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

I think the situation in Darfur is so sad. Thank you Kinney for dealing with this subject.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Larry said...

We have no idea what authentic persecution is like. We need to be praying for those suffering around the world. I will pray. I will give to some of these organizations. I am also going to let my congressman, senator, and leaders know. We cannot remain silent.

8:30 PM  
Anonymous laymond said...

Kinney, some have asked what we can do to help, vote for the person you believe cares more for people like this around the world. I believe that person is a democrat, and that is one of the reasons I am a democrat.

12:08 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

The world-wide persecution of Christians is one of the most neglected aspects of Amercanized Christianity. We burry our heads in the sand and let it happen.

When someday it gets to us...

9:50 AM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic. You make a great point. I appreciate you stopping by and adding your advice.

You are right.
I feel we need to start being more concerned and lift these brothers and sisters up in our prayers. We also need to do what we can to make a difference.

Wonderful comments everyone.

6:24 PM  
Anonymous laymond said...

John McCain is famous for telling how much he went through while in prison, look at what his then wife suffered during that time, and see how he treated her after he returned. then vote for this man if you can.

7:58 PM  
Anonymous Eddie said...

I wish things could change.
I wish the things that we strive to do with getting in touch with our senetors, congressman, the President, the U.N. and getting this message out the way you are will change what is happening to thousands of Christians across the world and Darfur. In reading your post I was brought to tears in reading what is taking place in Darfur. I can't believe it. It makes me so upset that nothing is being done. We are concerned with Georgia but what about Darfur and the countless other Christians that are having their human rights taken away and abused neglected by the rest of the world. Our leaders need to do something. We cannot remain quiet anymore. I feel like your blog is a challenge and call for all of us American Christians to do something. Thank you for bringing our attention to what is going on. Tonight I gave to five causes. Yes, I have prayed since reading your post but I have also given fiancially to these organizations that are trying to stand up for human rights. Giving to the causes made me feel so much better.

11:29 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

I am glad to hear that many of you are getting involved by donating to these human rights organizations. It is encouraging to see Christians now being concerned with this etremely sensitive issue. I want to thank everyone for their prayers as well.

I am going to let this discussing keep going for a while.

What might happen if the world remains silent to what is going on with Christians across the world, especially Darfur? What is the danger of us as Christians remaining silent? Should this inspire us and how?
Just some questions for thought.

I appreciate everyone's participation.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Ted M. Gossard said...

Kinney, I've tagged you. Please don't feel obligated, though.

8:30 AM  
Blogger preacherman said...

I hope and pray that GOd will hear the cries of His people like he did with the Israelites in Egypt.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Jerry said...

I think Christian Americans are to busy and comfortable with their lives for us to get concerned about what is going on. Yes, it is sad but it is not us. So as long as it isn't happening to us we will continue to be unconcerned and continue with Western status quo Christianity. I mean look at how many people are adding to this discussion.
I admire you Preacherman for what you are trying to do. Light a match under complacent Christianity is so important.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous stan said...

I tend to agree that American Christians are to comfortable and content with their lives that we don't give this real thought to our lives and what it means to what is going on to true faithful brothers and sisters. Do we as American Christians understand what faith really is? Yes, thank you, thank you, thank you for striving to get this message across and get us to wake up to what is really going on.


4:19 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

I am surprised that we haven't heard anything in the news. When will we? Will we? Why haven't we?

6:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right.
We should be outraged by what is going on. Thank you for all of these links and getting the information out.

6:49 PM  
Anonymous stacie said...

I was wondering if you can keep hurricane Ike in your prayers.


7:26 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Jerry and Stan,
I agree with you both that Christians in America have become to complacent. We have become to comfortable with our Christianity. Thank you both for bring this point out. God bless you for doing it.

It is my prayer that we will not become to complacent and comfortable with ourselves that we neglect the poor, suffering and human rights of those in need.

Countless times in the prophets when God's judgement was comming upon Israel it was because they were doing the same thing with their own people. May we learn from Israel's mistakes and have a heart for our own who are suffering.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that you are pointing this out to us. Keep up the job with human rights among Christians.

2:17 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

I hope we will be stirred and have a passion for those of our fellow brothes and sisters around the world. I hope within the next few years we can put an end to Christian genocide and crucifixion. God please stir leaders hearts to stop what is going on in Darfur and other places. I pray for continued courage of those who are being persecuted. If leaders and Christians continue to neglect and ignore what is going on in Darfur and other places like Iran and China then we definately could be next.

6:00 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

If ignored how could it approach up on us with out notice or warning even in America? I think we will see it come up on us in what the laws view as hate crimes against what we can and cannot preach here in America. Do you agree?

6:01 PM  
Blogger iggy said...

Thanks for this post and the links. I made mention of it at my blog.

Be blessed,

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Tammy S. Snyder said...

Hi Preacherman,Thank you for stopping by my site and for the kind words and encouragement. I would say you have an even better site. I had an idea of course that Christian's suffered but, not to that extent. Now, I want you to know that, I am definitely not trying to sell my site here...if you knew me personally you'd trust me, but I would like to say, in leiu of this information and because I have an online magazine for women, and knowing how ignorant I was of these events, I want to know if there is a way to get in touch with any church out there who personally deals with this issue, if there is a woman who could talk about this on the site...if they could discuss how they are being persecuted or are trying to help them personally. This is soooo important, and so many have no idea the extent, as I didn't, that it is very important to get the word out. If you know anyone, please suggest this to them. We can't help if we don't know. Thank you for telling us about this problem and where to go to help.
God Bless and keep up with the informative information.
Tammy S. Snyder

9:01 AM  
Blogger Adam Gonnerman said...

Around 11 million people died in the Holocaust, of which roughly 6 million were Jews and the remaining 5 million or so were non-Jews. That's a lot of people in general, not only Jews.

The situation in Darfur is despicable, as is the situation in any number of countries for numerous people of diverse faiths. Just over a week ago I posted on my blog about the Mandaens who are persecuted in Iraq and throughout the Middle East. I don't embrace their faith, but they are human beings and deserve respect and security.

1:17 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Thank you Iggy!
The more people we inform and the more we get this out the better. God bless you for doing this wonderful thing. I encourage everyone to check out Iggy's blog
It is fantastic. You will not be disappointed.

2:06 PM  
Blogger At A Hen's Pace said...

Thanks so much for your compliment on my blog today! I'm glad you're enjoying following our church-planting journey. Your blog looks intriguing--I like your format with questions.

Thanks also for this timely reminder to pray and speak up. I want to look at the links with some of my kids... My older ones remember the "Lost Boys" from Sudan that our old church sponsored (and the time we had all ten of them over for dinner!), but I haven't had the occasion to discuss this issue recently with my middle two boys.



6:31 PM  
Blogger donsands said...

Our Lord was nailed to a Cross, and it's all that we can boast in as His beloved.
Simon Peter was nailed to a cross, and he said, "Nail me upside down". Amazing man of God.

To try and help our brothers and sisters in darfur is a good thing. But if they are martyred, then they shall have the greatest of all rewards in glory.

I came here from Dan kimball's blog. Thought your one comment was a little hyper. But it's not my blog.

11:34 PM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Thank you brother for you comments. I agree that martyrs will have a wonderful reward in heaven.

11:52 PM  
Blogger AgapeTheologian said...

Thanks for checking out my blog (Although I don't update very often).

Have you read Brother Andrew's book, Secret Believers? It really opened my eyes to the torment our brother and sisters go through. I have been praying more and more.


8:47 AM  
Blogger Cheryl Russell said...

Tim and I met a young man from Sudan at Pepperdine a few months ago. He was there to ask Christians to come to Sundan as missionaries. We were amazed at his stories and ashamed of our ignorance. Too many of us are too comfortable, when injustice is being done in any part of the world all of our eyes should be turned there.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Sandra said...

Thank you Kinney for bringing out this issue. It is so sad what is going on. I check out all of the links you listed and was very helpful and full of great information. I even to Amnesty Iternational USA. It felt so good to do something else besides pray. I know and understand that prayer is powerful but it is important that we put our faith into action. As James tells us in his book in chapter 2 that "Faith without deeds is dead." So thank you for allowingus to do put our faith into action.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know what is going on in Darfur. I have heard nothing on the news about what is going on. It so so sad. Thank brother and God bless.


8:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It angers me that the US government who claims to be a "Christian" nation has done nothing to help our brothers and sisters who are being wiped out. We need to do something. We need to send in troops along with UN forces. I hope this happens soon before it is tptool Believers need to get busy contacting those in power. Genocide is taking place and we are doing agout tl Sad. Pracherman I cried my eyes out as i read the links you provided. We must not remain silent we need to write those in power and the media and let thm the out. God bless you Kinney or shoudl I say Preacherman for what you are trying to do. It is wonderful to see Chritian trying to make a difference in the lives of perecuted Christians.

8:27 PM  
Blogger SuzyQ said...

Thanks for these links.
I was not aware of the situation in Sudan at all!
As a Chrisitan living in a democratic western country this is so shocking for me. I have to ask myself, would I be able to stand up for my faith if persecuted like this?
I shall be holding these people in my prayers.

2:27 AM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Yes all of this can be terrifying especially if we continue to ignore what is happening to Christians around the world. It is my hope and prayer that we will think about, pray and do what we can to stop what is going on. I hope while we do so, as we shine the light to what is going on that we will be able to help our brothers and sisters in need.

"I pray God that you will hear the cries of those that are suffering around the world. I pray that you will have justice and mercy. I pray that you will cause something to happen to those nations that are perecuting your people. I know you judged the nation and continue to do so. I think you so much for you justice. So, I pray with all of my heart, soul, strength and mind that you will hear the cries of the Christins that are being crucified, burned, tortured in various ways. I pray that American Christians will not sit back quietly to what is going on. God you are so Holy and Righteous and Just. I pray you pour your justice and grace on those who are becoming martyrs in this 21st century. I pray Lord that you will send them the peace and comfort that surpasses all understanding as they face all kinds of suffering. Amen!"

8:08 AM  
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