Saturday, August 18, 2012

Discussion On The Gospel

What is the gospel? How do we present to gospel? How should we present the gospel? How were you taught the gospel? How does your church spread the gospel? Can we present it the wrong way? How? What do you think? Share your thoughts.


Blogger Paul G said...

Hmm! No one has an opinion on the gospel?

Most Christians think that the gospel is a way or a strategy always and only pertaining to salvation.
On many Christian blogs they endlessly argue which is the right strategy for a sinner to be saved, and only the smartest and wisest is the one who preaches the true gospel and all others preach a false gospel.

However I don't think like that. To me and according to Scripture and the Spirit of the Lord the gospel is simple and even a child can preach the gospel.

(The gospel is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST portrayed in all things and in all ways.)
Or simply 'The proclamation of Jesus Christ our Lord'.

The gospel of the Kingdom of God;
Is the Lord Jesus Christ portrayed as the King in His Kingdom etc.

The gospel of creation;
Is the Lord Jesus Christ portrayed as the creator of heaven and earth and everything in it. How you explain it, it's all up to you and the knowledge you have and perhaps the Scripture illustrations you like to use, as long as the Lord Jesus Christ is portrayed the gospel has been preached.

The gospel of God;
Is the same, as long as you portray Jesus Christ to be that 'God', then the gospel has been preached.

The gospel of salvation;
Again you must portray the Lord Jesus Christ to be the only saviour and that there is no other name given whereby sinners must be saved. What Scriptures and illustrations you like to use it's all up to you and you don't have to be a wise guy or a scholar to preach the gospel. All you do is lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and He will draw all men to Himself.

Children can preach the gospel as long as they testify to Jesus Christ in whatever topic there is.

This is the gospel which I preach!
Please read (Col. 1:15-23);
Note, in that short explanation of the gospel the word 'Him', referring to Jesus is mentioned 15 times.
(v.23) "This is the gospel that you have heard and that has been proclaimed to every creature under heaven, and of which I Paul have become a servant."

4:08 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

The problem we have today in most Churches is that they don't preach Jesus Christ, therefore there is no gospel.

They preach 'God'! Yea, which God?

All Muslims, Jews and most Christian Churches preach this 'God' and no one knows who that is.

Because they have fallen away from the Lord Jesus and preach another god therefore the glory of the Lord Jesus has departed from among them, they are Churches who look good on the outside but inside they are dead.
Because they preach another god, they preach another gospel which is condemned in the Scriptures (2 Corinthians 11:4).

Remember, there is only ONE true God the Lord Jesus Christ and one false god the devil, so then any other apart from Jesus Christ is the devil.
When they preach another god, then they preach another Jesus and another gospel and another spirit (2 Corinthians 11:4).

If you don't believe me, next time in your Church listen carefully to the preacher, he will talk about God but he will not ascribe God to Jesus Christ. He will separate the Lord Jesus from God and make Him out to be only His Son.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Also the gospel is preached in the work you do, that is the same work which the Lord Jesus did.

If you believe in Jesus then you will do even greater things than He did (John 14:12), all in His Name.
Performing miracles, cast out demons, healing the sick, raising the dead, speak in unknown tongues, interpreting tongues, prophecy, pick up deadly snakes, command the mountain and the mulberry bush to obey you, walk on water and calm a raging storm and there are many things more you do in Jesus Name.

By "In Jesus Name" I mean that you do that because you are in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is living in you performing his work.

In whatever you do, all the glory must be to Jesus Christ alone, that is preaching the gospel in power and demonstration of Jesus Christ our Lord.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous BrianK said...

Good questions! And some good thoughts PaulG.

This is the reality of the gospel I used to preach for over 20 years:

1. Sense of accomplishment
2. Moral conformance
3. Regular discipline
4. Usefulness to God
5. Utilitarian marriage

I threw out this hamster wheel. Most Christians today define the gospel as a form of moralism, and we have 30,000+ tribes for each group of moral system. The gospel has been lost.

The gospel is of course Jesus. But the words to describe that are peace, grace, kingdom and rest, among others.

Here are my further thoughts:
What is the gospel?

What got Jesus killed? What made the Pharisees SO angry? What got Stephen stoned?

The answer is they preached the gospel: 1) Jesus fulfilled ALL the Law and the Prophets, which does away with the heavy yoke of moralism and 2) Jesus rose from the dead.

Preach THAT gospel today, and you'll find out how evil Christendom people can be! They hate the fact that the gospel is not about conformance.

7:42 PM  
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