Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Giving without expecting something in return...Not the way in some Churches

Have you ever seen or heard of Churches on helping others when it benefits the church? Or the church gets something back in return. I'm give you food, help will this or that if you come to our church, if you give back to us. I heard of one Church in our area who kept track of tithers and when a family fell on hard times and came and asked for help (which is hard to do, believe me) the church told them no, you haven't given enough or tithed enough this year. Sorry. WOW is that Christianity or what? So have you seen this thing go on in any of the churches you have worshiped? Have you experienced this wickedness yourself? How can churches be more giving? How can Churches give to others without expecting anything in return? Did Jesus do the same? Didn't Jesus do the same?

What do you think?
Share your thoughts.


Blogger Paul G said...

Yes! That's about right when it revolves around the filthy lucre every evil comes with it.
To give money is painful; to receive money is men's delight!:-)

Remember, the Lord Jesus also gave us a free gift, which is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

I think that every Church that tithes is under the curse of God.
Tithing is a tenth of our income and it was the law of the Old Testament.
And everyone who is trying to keep the law is cursed.
No wonder why those Churches and people don't prosper.
Under the New Testament it is giving and not tithing.

A true believer of Jesus Christ never begs for food.
Those who beg for food or money should repent of their wicked ways and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
If we look to the Church then we will perish with the Church.
If we look to Jesus Christ then we will have eternal life.

5:36 AM  
Blogger preacherman said...

A true believer of Jesus Christ never begs for food? What about the Christians in third world countries that have no food?

11:36 PM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Even in third world countries true believers would never beg for food.

The Lord Jesus is more than capable to feed His children and would never ever let His children begging bread. That would be a disgrace against His Name. He is a good Father who said, (paraphrased) 'if you ask Him for a loaf of bread, would He give you a stone instead?'(Luke 11:11).
The Scripture boldly states that the righteous (Gods children) will never beg for food (Ps. 37:25).

Because of their godlessness and unbelief the Lord has sent to their land famine, pestilence and the sword, and even then they will not repent of their wicked ways.
Yes they may go to their churches, even to so call Christian churches, but so does the devil and all his children.
Kinney; it does not depend on whether a nation or individuals go to church, but it surely depends on whether they believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.
By that I do not mean 'acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ', since the whole world acknowledges Jesus Christ, but only few are those who really believe in Him.

We in the western world are not exempt from the punishment for our unbelief. Only he who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ has escaped the wrath of God who is to come upon all ungodliness.
Kind regards

8:51 AM  
Blogger Laymond said...

Do you give to the poor Paul, or do you depend upon mana from heaven to fall on them so they might survive?

9:22 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

Hi Laymond! It's great to see you on the radar, I missed your comments.

Don't forget that it is the Lord Jesus who's punishing all those godless, murderous, nations, people and tribes (Deut. 8:20 and Deut.32:39) and He gives to them just as they deserve.

Yes He could let manna from heaven fall on them; He did it before to the Israelites in the desert.

Is there anything impossible or too big to do for the Lord Jesus?

As for me, the Lord has not called me to be a social worker but a gospel preacher and such I do.
If they do not believe the gospel, would they believe if manna fell from heaven?

But just that you know, manna had fallen from heaven, that is the Word of God, and then the Word became flesh Jesus Christ the Lord and dwelled among us. So there was the bread and flesh and still they will not believe and eat from it, therefore the blood will also be of no benefit for them.

4:55 AM  
Blogger preacherman said...

Most Christians aren't rich. Most Christians are poor, in need. Most churches don't even pay their ministers and those who work for them enough money to make a living. The health and wealth gospel is a lie.

11:39 AM  
Blogger Paul G said...

I'm not sure whether you understand your statement "The health and wealth gospel is a lie".

If you believe that the gospel is good news and you are sick, then by necessity health would be the gospel for you, which is good news.
Likewise, if you are so poor that your poverty forces you to steal, then wealth certainly is good news which is the gospel. So then the health and wealth gospel isn't a lie.
Kinney, the gospel must be a benefit, perhaps I should say a great benefit to you, if not then it's not worth while to believe the gospel, may as well believe in Santa Claus at least he gives you a present.

Personally, I do not confine the gospel to only "Good News", it is good news for them that believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is bad news to those who do not believe and the result is clearly seen and experienced by all, so that anyone who does not believe is without excuse before the Lord.

2:33 AM  
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