Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Grace of God

Can we get our human minds around the grace of God? How wonderful is the grace of God. We are saved by it. Read the entire bible from the fall to the last word in revelation and you see that God is such a gracious God. It is His nature, His character. It is what he is about and what the ministery of Jesus was about. It is what we as Christians and the Church should be about too. In the past we have heard numerous sermons on hell, works, etc...But I truely believe that it is grace that the world needs to hear. It is grace that it needs. It is grace that will change lives. Turn on the news and see the state of the world, without mercy, grace. I believe most people are hungery for it. And my Christians who have denied it in their churches are hungry for it too. As you live out the Christian life understand that you are saved by the grace of God and live a life of thanksgiving by doing His will. The grace of God should motivate us to do the good that God wants from us.

God thank you so much for you saving grace. May the entire world be open to it. May we as Christian extend that grace to others and as ministers of the good news preach it with passion.

How has God's grace touched your life? How has it made a difference in your church? How has God's grace made a difference in your ministry?
To me it has made all the difference.


  1. Surely God would have never created man unless He possessed immeasurable grace.

  2. I love the story between Cain and Abel and how it compares redemption not to redemption worked for. Thanks for sharing this.

    Did I just say that I loved a story about murder?

  3. Anonymous1:32 PM

    The grace of God is something we will spend a lifetime trying to put "our minds around." I often find myself asking the same question as David in psalm 8, "What is man that You are mindful of him, And the son of man that You visit him?"

    God's grace is a beautiful subject for us to consider, for us to remember and for us to share.

  4. Grace took an instrument of execution, subverted it, and turned it into the icon of redemption. If grace can make a cross a thing to be adored (imagine wearing a replica of a noose or an electric chair as a piece of jewelry around your neck), then it can jerk our dead souls inside out, remaking us into something glorious for God's sake.

    Grace is as dangerous as it is a marvel. I've been kicked out of more churches for talking about grace (and I do mean kicked out, banished, condemned) than any other subject. It draws some people, but others are repelled by it. To the proud, grace is an insult. To the humble, grace is the air we breathe. Everything good in my life, or good in the world is by grace (God's energy), can be traced back to the cross and the blinding power of Jesus' otherwise brutal and quite death.

  5. Ben,

    I love your statement on how grace is the air we breathe. great comment.

    It is so sad how many churches and Christians don't like to hear grace preached.
    May we preach it unashamed and with passion.
    Pray for those who are resisting it.

  6. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I agree and enjoyed reading your comments ben. I also loved your blog.

  7. Anonymous6:07 PM

    I agree with Nicks comments.

  8. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Amen Ben...I love your comments.

  9. Josh,

    Cain and Abel is definately a story of God's grace. Cain killed Abel and instead of God killing Cain, he let him live. Instead of giving Cain what he deserved he gave him grace, mercy, and let him live with his wife and have a family.
    What a story of God's grace and mercy.
    I am glad you see God's grace in that story.
    Hope you have a great week Josh.

  10. Appreciate your comments on the Jesus Creed site about Baptism. I'm glad you weren't out to attack anyone. I see that too often and it makes me sad. Gentleness is a nice change-- like Christ.


  11. And in response to your question below about what should a church use as their guide, you should know the answer to that! Use Chris's church, the first church, the one that He made and that began with such earnestness and people met in unairconditioned upper rooms because they were full of desire to know the word. Not saying you can't have A/C, but that desire is what you shoul build, and that model seems what He had in mind.

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  13. According to Romans grace is the "state" in which God's children live. I have on occasion compared it to inert gases like Helium. No matter the cirucumstances Helium will be Helium. Christians no matter the circumstance will exist in a state of grace.

    Bobby Valentine

  14. Thanks for the reminder.

  15. Grace is to works what oil is to water, they do not mix.

    Our salvation has to be by faith (not works) so it can be by grace. (Romans 4:16)

    You don't hear many sermons on the imputed righteousness of Christ in churches of Christ do you?

    Our salvation is given wholly on the merits of Christ and we are kept until the resurrection wholly on the merits of Christ alone.

    What do we contribute to our salvation? One sinner each.

  16. Anonymous12:09 PM

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